Minister Val Williams

About Me

I was born with gifts of mediumship which, as a child, seemed more of a curse than a gift – voices in my head spoke of events which later happened, and when grown-ups spoke I would know if they were telling the truth or not.
Many times my speaking my mind earned me a smack and so I became quite defiant – loyal to my mediumship, but not willing to tell people what I was thinking.

The development of mediumship should be a joy, and since the age of 33, when I found my way to a Spiritualist church every day has held its own joys. Working with and for Spirit fills me with a sense of purpose and the need to promote the truths of the Spirit world encourage me to always work in the name of truth. Whether I am working privately, or within workshop situations, or doing public demonstrations of mediumship I have only one goal – to be accurate and true to those who trust me.

Within 18 months of going to a Spiritualist church I was doing demonstrations, having begun to give messages in a church open circle. Quickly becoming disillusioned with development circles of the day I decided to search further afield for my Spiritual truths. Shortly after that I was invited by local churches to hold workshops, classes etc. WHAT A CHALLENGE!

I quickly realized that the challenge of mediumship, the need to be true to the Spirit workers, as well as those seeking help and those wishing to develop their own gifts, would hold my interest as nothing else had ever done. During the first 5 years I had many wonderful offers – to work in the large Theatres, have articles in national magazines, to do Radio shows but, at the time, none of this seemed right for me– I believed there were other people who could do a better job for Spirit and said so-even when I was asked to allow demonstrations to be televised way back in the 1980’s. Would I do the same again? Probably – but since that time I have determined to learn as much as possible from Spirit – in order to promote their truth as they wish to be promoted

My pathway has been a meandering one in many ways – always different, never boring, and often eventful.I have been able to bring comfort, consolation, emotional closure and very personal proofs of survival to people seeking evidence of their loved ones survival after death, and have loved every minute of it. During workshops and seminars I have been able to help people to become more aware of the natural Psychic and Spiritual gifts they have – encouraging them to push beyond their comfort zones in their search for truth.

I have now worked for Spirit for 38 years – one of my happiest times being when I was asked to become a Minister of the SNU – this is an invited position – the invitation being issued by the Ministers Committee when they believe someone has the necessary qualifications for such a responsible position. A Minister of the SNU must have proven themselves to be capable of working with people in a caring and compassionate way, must have worked via the education system for a Certificate of Recognition, and later for a Diploma for Speaking – I had worked for Spirit for 16 years before my invitation was given

My first trip abroad was to a private home – in Belgium, and this has been followed by invitations and subsequent working visits to Denmark, Spain, France, America, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Australia and Japan plus other countries – it never ceases to amaze me that, even when I use translators, the message is not lost – there is no barrier to loving communication.

I first worked at the Arthur Findlay College in 1986 – for Albert Best, truly one of the best of our mediums. Then came a long break before I was asked to run courses there myself, which is something I have been honoured to do for the past 21 years.

During the interim period I established my popular seminars at the Lindum Hotel as well as being asked to make TV appearances in Denmark where it was said “and now it has been proven that there is life after death”.

When I appeared on TV in Baton Rouge, USA I gave the TV presenters mini-readings – after one the presenter said “I only met this lady a few minutes ago and all the information she has given to me is accurate”, explaining to those watching why it was so accurate.

In Canada I was privileged to give such amazing evidence to one lady, the demonstration being televised, that she later visited the Arthur Findlay College and was happy to spread the good news about British Mediums and British Mediumship.

I could retire but until Spirit wants me to I will continue to enjoy spreading the truth – encouraging the next generation of mediums as I was encouraged by the last generation.
To this end I have now started the Val Williams Academy for Mediums, fulfilling Gordon Higginson's prophecy in 1984 that "One day you will become the Mediums' Medium - people will come to you for Training". I believe now, 2020, there has never been greater need to promote the best mediumship through our future mediums, proving that evidential mediumship is the key to the truth about Spirit communication.

In 1982 I was introduced to a kindly looking man in a private circle in Blackpool – we were encouraged to link to Spirit and give exactly what we got – I had no idea who the man was – I only knew that he visited this tiny circle each year just before Christmas and I had recently been invited to sit in it. When it was my turn to give what I had received from Spirit I gave him a message from a lady in the Spirit world – in those days I gabbled my messages without understanding the relevance as I thought everyone did – I have never forgotten his words:

My dear that was my mother, everything you have given to me is correct, and the watch you mentioned was, as you said, presented to her for her long service at the church – but why did you stop?” To which I replied “You said we should quit when we were ahead and I was ahead so I quit”.

I was later told that the man was Gordon Higginson, President of the SNU, a man who had been a medium since his boyhood, and the man who was largely responsible for ensuring that Stansted Hall be used as the Arthur Findlay College, to promote Spiritual truths.