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  • Sat 11th - Sat 18th May 2019

    Arthur Findlay College - Course 18B

    Val Williams: Minister SNU
    Sally Barnes: CSNU
    Jackie Wright: CSNU.

    Walk within the power of Spirit

    Meditate/sit in the power/ attune to Spirit using to altered state techniques
    Practice public mediumship, inspirational speaking and private readings
    Learn to achieve the deepest of altered states to bring greater evidence
    Truly walk within the power of Spirit showing mannerisms / personality
    Learn to promote the joy of working in confidence
    Learn to work confidently whether to fellow Spiritualists or skeptics
    Have your own tutuor, as well as sharing tutorials with the other tutors.

    To Book contact Arthur Findlay College.

  • Sun 20th - Thurs 24th October 2019

    St Annes, Lancashire

    Val Williams: Minister SNU

    5 Day Mediumship Course

    This is a course for Swiss Students (full translation).

    There will be a full program from 10 am to 9 pm.
    Subjects will include public and private Mediumship, trance, trance healing.
    Experiments with energy for physical mediumship,
    plus an opportunity to work with local mediums.

    To Book -see poster page.

  • 15th - 18th November 2019

    Lindum Hotel - Progressive Mediumship Course

    Val Williams:Organiser, Master classes.
    Les Henderson: Intermediate / advanced Mediumship.
    Donna Stewart: Trance Group.
    Su Wood: Psychic art/ aura photography.
    Roger Kennedy: Available for massage, Indian head etc.

    All tutors are world class course organisers / international Mediums / tutors, who will help your mediumship progress in a non-competitive and nurturing environment - private sittings / spiritual assessments will be available with them during the weekend.

    Friday to Monday after lunch £325
    Friday to Sunday after lunch £235
    Saturday Morning to Sunday after lunch £155 (Single one-off supplement of £10 for single room)
    Fees inclusive of Accomodation, Course fees, All meals & tea/coffee.
    DAY VISITORS WELCOME - £90 iclusive of tea/coffee and course fees.
    All rooms en suite. Excellent Food.

    To Book contact Val Williams - see contact page.

  • Sat 23rd - Sat 30th November 2019

    Arthur Findlay College - Course 47A

    Val Williams: Minister SNU
    Judith Seaman: Minister SNU
    Andy Byng: CSNU.

    Fine tuning your mediumship

    Step 1 : Recognize your potential
    Step 2 : Be willing to learn how to truly tune in to the vibrations of Spirit
    Step 3 :Allow yourslef to use new techniques as shared by your tutors

    An Intensive, Practical Mediumship Course for Intermediate and Advenced Levels

    To Book contact Arthur Findlay College.