Minister Val Williams

Minister of Religion

  • Weddings

    As a Minister of the SNU I am always happy to arrange a wedding ceremony – choice of venue is the right of the individuals who are to be married. My hope is to take out the stress from the planning – to enable the bride and groom to remember every minute of their big day with joy.

    If you are interested in planning your wedding and would like me to be the officiating Minister please contact me.

  • Funeral Services

    My love of arranging funeral services is well documented – the thanks I have had from the relatives of deceased people speak for themselves.

    “I really enjoyed that service” said a wife after her husband’s funeral in Lancashire.

    “We have never heard such a wonderful service” said a Sheffield funeral director.

    “I want to be sure you will do my funeral” said a lady after her catholic Sister’s funeral.

    These are just a few examples of comments made after funerals I have organized – as an SNU Minister I believe that a funeral service should commemorate the LIFE of the deceased person, knowing that they have gone on to meet with their loved ones in the Spirit world and promoting the joy of their reunion, as well as being respectful and aware of the sadness of the people who are grieving.

    Each funeral service is arranged and conducted exactly as the family wish, with personal tributes, private memories and readings interspersed with music chosen by the family. Each funeral is arranged as an individual one – making a sad occasion a memorable one – a funeral service being the last opportunity to provide a loving service for the deceased relative.

    “You must have known the lady very well” said a young man after the funeral of his friends mum – he was very surprised when I said I had never met the Lady.

  • Naming Services

    A naming service or ceremony is the Spiritualist version of a Christian Christening with one subtle difference – Spiritualists do not believe that water needs to be used to purify someone who God has already deemed to be pure - therefore when a Spiritualist naming takes place all those in attendance bring a flower – at an appropriate time during the service everyone is invited to come forward and present the flower to the person being “named” – it is a truly beautiful service, not only for the person for whom the service is organized but for everyone attending.

    Naming services are held for people of any age – babies, young children and when required for adults who may have come into Spiritualism having decided to accept Spiritualism as their chosen religion.

    During the naming service , as well as names already given another name is given – this by the world of Spirit – something which is truly a Spiritual experience.

    “Now I feel I really belong” is the usual comment after a naming service.

  • Blessing Services

    Blessing services are conducted for couples, who have chosen to have their wedding at a Registry office but who wish to enter into a spiritually binding commitment and have a Spiritual blessing.

    As always I am happy to liaise with the couples to give them a truly memorable day, whatever their reason for needing a blessing.

  • Special Blesssing Services

    Many people wish to have a service to re-new their marriage vows – often to celebrate 25 years of marriage. This is a beautiful way to re-dedicate to each other and something the whole family can share. If you are interested in discussing arrangements for any of these services I will be happy to speak with you.