Minister Val Williams


  • Private Sittings

    I have done private readings (or sittings) in person, on Skype, on Face Time and now on ZOOM for over 36 years, always establishing contact with loved ones in the Spirit world. I have a great love for my work and stress that I am NOT a fortune teller – I merely pass on information from the Spirit communicators.

    Sometimes the need of the sitter is fulfilled, sometimes the need of the Spirit person, and very occasionally a reading simply does not work. When that has been the case (14 times in 34 years) I have abandoned the reading explaining to the sitter the reason for it not working.

    Private sittings are conducted in order for the world of Spirit communicators to give to recipients exactly what they feel is needed – sometimes emotional closure is the reason, sometimes the spirit person wants to give ways of the recipient knowing they are still close, for example by talking about present conditions and sometimes help and guidance is given – everything being the means of Spirit proving they are continuing their soul journey and can interact with the loved ones they have left behind.

    Contact Val for details.

  • Spiritual assessments

    “What you are is Gods gift to you – What you become is your gift to God.”

    Spiritual assessments are conducted in the same way as private sittings – and can be done in person, on Zoom.

    During as assessment I am able to tell you about conditions of life which have brought you to your present understanding of life – physically,emotionally and Spiritually.

    Invariably, a Spirit guide will establish during the assessment and will give advice and encouragement to you especially with regard to you Spiritual work, progress and pathway.

    Contact Val for details.

  • Healing

    The gift of healing is one of the most precious gifts of the Spirit.

    Thanks to the Code of Conduct (available from the SNU) healers and patients are protected within the law.

    A healer must never suggest he has medical knowledge-he must simply be a passive channel for the healing power which is available to everyone.

    Healers are people who have compassion, sympathy and empathy for the people they wish to help. Healers should be gentle, kind and loving towards those they wish to work with – to bring healing to the individual on whichever level it is needed.

    Healing can restore the balance for everyone – Spiritual healing requires no faith on the part of the patient – it is a natural source of energy that healers attune to, and then direct towards the patient.

    I have been an approved healer of the SNU for many years – I have been assessed and deemed by the SNU to be a suitable channel for the healing to be directed through. I am always happy to add people in need to my healing list, and of course, there is no fee for doing so.

    Should you wish to have absent healing simply E-Mail Val with your name.

  • Absent Healing

    Absent Healing does not require the physical presence of the recipient-once a healer has the name of a recipient he may sit and attune to the Spirit healers simply thinking of the person who needs the balance to be restored and the healing will be directed from the world of Spirit.

  • Contact Healing

    Contact Healing may take place in a church/centre/home – the healer makes personal preparation to be in tune with the healing energy, may say a prayer or meditate for a little time until he feels the time is right to approach the recipient.

    There is an appropriate code of practice which reputable healers follow implicitly.