Minister Val Williams


June 2018

16th - 23rd Arthur Findlay College
23rd Maidstone Demonstration
27th Psi Centre Riehen,Switzerland

July 2018

14th Mastering Your Mediumship - Lindum Hotel
17th Fleetwood Spiritualist church Special

August 2018

31st Butterfly Organization

September 2018

1st Longton Spiritualist church Workshop
2nd Longton Spiritualist church, Sunday Service
6th Clitheroe Spiritualist church Special
9th - 14th Swiss course at the Lindum Hotel
16th Preston Spiritualist church service
19th Castleford Spiritualist church Special 7pm
20th - 23rd Norway
26th Galt Spiritualist church

November 2018

14th St.Annes Armistice Service
16th - 20th Turkey & Tinsel seminar-Lindum Hotel, UK
24th - 25th Arthur Findlay College - Open Weekend

December 2018

1st Portsmouth Temple
2nd Portsmouth Temple Sunday service
3rd Footsteps, Gloucester 7.30pm

March 2019

1st - 4th Mediumship seminar at the Lindum Hotel
13th Castleford Special

May 2019

11th - 18th Arthur Findlay College

July 2019

13th - 14th Portsmouth Spiritualist Temple