Minister Val Williams

Charity Work

I am always aware that my work is possible because of my God-given gifts – this is something I never take for granted, and so I believe there is time for giving back. I also believe we are always in the right place at the right time.

During the past 34 years there have been times when I have been brought into contact with people who are charity workers and I have been able to give my time to help them raise money, usually by doing a demonstration, the monies being donated to whatever charity they supported.

There has been money allocated from every seminar I have organized to a charity – my friends and co-workers have been able to help fund-raising for a hospice in Blackpool, for a children’s hospital in Manchester, for individuals needing help, and more recently for poor people and children in Kenya.

Hundreds of pounds was also raised and given to someone to take to the Gambia – we wanted to support the education of children there – we wanted to pay for the full education of children – sadly we had to withdraw our support.

Individually we can do a little to help – collectively we help many people – wherever there is a need.

My enthusiasm for fund-raising brings its own rewards – many friends have offered not only their support and money but also their own gifts – mediums, healers, psychics, disc jockeys, comedians etc., etc., and one or two friends have given CD’s they have created and books they have written. MY THANKS TO YOU ALL!


For the foreseeable future we will be using all fund-raising money to educate our two Kenyan girls, our Spiritual family - they lost both parents and their little brother died and their parents families cannot afford to help them. One girl is now in Secondary school and the other will shortly go to University, thanks to all the money we have raised. This year their fees are being paid,uniform,books,accommodation and food being provided.

Each year I go to visit friends in Nairobi, paying my own expenses, and will continue to make sure our charity money is spent correctly at all times.

My Thanks to everyone who has supported us.

It is not the amount of money that is raised that is important – so many times people have said “it is so important to know people are thinking of us” – the support is equally important.

Over the past years here are some other donations we have been able to make.

Education and care for children in Malawi £615
Education and care for children in Malawi £260
Maggies £400
Education and care for children in Malawi £495
Education and care for children in Malawi £1836
Glasses for albino children in Malawi £100
Education for Kenyan girls £2097
The Kenyan girls education has been paid for the next 2 years - the younger one for school,the older one for College.
Eyes for East Africa £120
Nancy Crookes Charity £100
Education for Malawi £1708
Susan Shaw Fund £200
Education and support for Kenyan people £1641
Education and support for Kenyan people £2597
Eyes for East Africa £670
Syrian refugees in Greece £460
Eyes for East Africa £130
Ministers Bursary Fund £30
Malawi Food Crisis £100
Sept For Kenyan people £236
April Education for Kenyan orphan £500
Feb Dental treatment for Kenyan lady £950
Feb Education for orphaned girl £85
Feb Nancy Ellen Crooks Lanterns, Kenya £56
Feb Eyes for East Africa £250
March Donna's Dream House £150
April Brian House Hospice £50
April Nancy Ellen Crooks Lanterns, Kenya £64
Nov Eyes for East Africa £195
Nov Dental Treatment for Kenyan Lady £200
Nov Nancy Ellen Crooks Lanterns, Kenya £200
Nov Christmas food for needy lady £200
A Soldiers Journey £300
Rotary Club for Polio Research £110
Eyes for East Africa £150
Donna's Dream House £40
Blackburn SNU Church £60
Mary's Meals, Africa £85
Help Justine £550
African Charities £120
2009-2010 Justine Hargreaves Trust Fund.
2009 Eyes For East Africa £1265
2007 - 2009 Justine Hargreaves Trust Fund £9,033.65
2007 - 2009 Eyes For East Africa £1,500
2006 Cat Rescue £50
2006 Orphanage, Kenya £50