Minister Val Williams


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I hope you find something to excite, inspire and interst you.

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My new book 'Hello From The Other Side' is now out. Signed copies are available from my online shop at £9.00 plus £3.00 postage for **UK ONLY**. Worldwide sales and delivery are available - Contact Val for details.


My function, as a Minister, is to fulfill the needs and wishes of the people who have asked me to act on their behalf.

It is a great privilege to be asked to perform Official services, and something I love to do – whether that service is a wedding, a blessing , a naming, or a funeral. It is my belief that those people asking for the service need to feel they can trust me.


I have organized workshops and seminars for over 35 years at home and abroad – working with small groups as well as larger ones. I am always happy to organize bespoke workshops for groups of 12 people upwards.

Click the workshops page to see upcoming workshops here and abroad.


I am always aware that my work is possible because of my God-given gifts so believe in giving back.

During the past 40 years there have been times when I have been brought into contact with people who are charity workers and I have been able to give my time to help them raise money, usually by doing a demonstration, the monies being donated to whatever charity they supported.

Individually we can do a little to help – collectively we help many people – wherever there is a need.

Thank you everyone who has supported these charities with me.