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Welcome to my web-site – hopefully you will find something to excite, inspire and interest you.

photo of Val I was born with gifts of mediumship which, as a child, seemed more of a curse than a gift it was not until the age of 33, when I found my way to a Spiritualist church that my gifts began to unfold.

Working with and for Spirit fills me with a sense of purpose and the need to promote the truths of the Spirit world encourage me to always work in the name of truth. Whether I am working privately, or within workshop situations, or doing public demonstrations of mediumship I have only one goal to be accurate and true to those who trust me.

During the first 5 years as a working medium I had many wonderful offers to work in the large theatres, have articles in national magazines, to do radio shows but, at the time, none of this seemed right for me I believed there were other people who could do a better job for Spirit and said so-even when I was asked to allow demonstrations to be televised way back in the 1980s.

My pathway has been a meandering one in many ways always different, never boring, and often eventful. An important part of my work is presenting workshops and seminars where I have been able to help people to become more aware of the natural Psychic and Spiritual gifts they have encouraging them to push beyond their comfort zones in their search for truth.

I have now worked for Spirit for many years one of my happiest times being when I was asked to become a Minister of the SNU. Working with Spirit has taken me on a wonderful journey, not only here in the UK but all over the world, I have experienced wonderful things and met wonderful people. I have been able to bring comfort, consolation, emotional closure and very personal proof of survival to people seeking evidence of their loved ones survival after death, and have loved every minute of it.

My journey continues and I look forward to the wonders yet to come.

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